• What is MIR COIN?

      MIR COIN is a cryptocurrency closely related to everyday life.
      It is a value tool that is exchanged for MIR PAY.

    • What is MIR PAY?

      MIR PAY is a great choice for platforms and taxi services.
      It is the same unit of currency that is actually commercialized.

    • What is MIR LAND?

      MIR LAND is a key link between MIR COIN and MIR PAY,
      providing products andservices for affiliates
      and providing compensation for users.


"MIR COIN is a core element of MIR PLATFORM which is an integrated
solution ranging over various use content and affiliated business plan."

  • Real-life money, MIR COIN

    In the network economy which tries to bind the world together, MIR COIN is a crypto-currency which is easy-to-pay in real life, and MIR COIN is a single system that not only integrates numerous points, coupons, reserve funds, and payment system, but also is always available anytime and anywhere.

  • Global exchange market

    It brings the world together, we can buy and sell coin listed on exchange market which is able to be used regardless of the exchange rate and the currency of each country.

  • Integrated solution, MIR LAND

    Integrated ecosystem focused on business partners and affiliates could provide promotion and high quality service to more members by sharing members from business partners and affiliates. This makes virtuous cycle that means benefits go right back to the members.

  • Organic connection

    Members integrated by affiliates in MIR LAND use MIR COIN and living service easily, and reserve MIR COIN with using it. This is an integrated platform that could makes the used amount be returned on the basis of the MIR COIN price on the global exchange market.


"MIR COIN offer safety and fast processing with the block chain
connected to an electronic payment platform."

MIR COIN can be exchanged with the fixed currency MIR PAY
and are a Cryptocurrency in everyday life that combines the points,
coupons and reserves of MIR LAND affiliates.

MIR COIN is responsible for convenience of remittance and payment by
linking block chain with electronic payment platform for safety and fast
processing speed.

It is also a new, wide-breaking currency that plays the role of cache on
the shared economy platform TAXI KING projects.


"MIR LAND is the common term for
the main organ of the MIR."

The agency responsible for the exchange of MIR COIN and MIR PAY.

MIR COIN and MIR LAND Company Join Solutions, Products, and Services.

A user's compensation agency

When using the MIR LAND service, 5 % of the payment amount is returned and It is an ecosystem of virtuous circle structures with scalability to various partners.

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Issue And Distribution Plan Of MIR COIN

MIR COIN total deposit amount is 4.3 billion MIR.

MIR COIN public-mining amount 0.4 billion

MIR COIN for worldwide enterprise 3 billion

Company holding stake 350 million / participant compensation 250 million

MIR COIN for enterprise 150 million (some LOCK-UP)

MIR COIN market distribution volume 150 million

The Amount Of Pre-Mined MIR COIN

MIR COIN total deposit amount is 4.3 billion. Mining method of MIR COIN is POW and 0.4 billion MIR among pre-mined 3.9 billion MIR is stored and managed separately. MIR COIN stored separately is discarded or locked to be kept from being distributed. This will be an effective way of increase of value of MIR COIN. MIR COIN has already incinerated 4.7 billion MIR of the first 9 billion MIR issued. In August 2018, a new issuance policy was announced through a new core update.


“MIR COIN and Taxi route Sharing platform are connected.”

MIR COIN say there is a newer way to use taxi.
That is an application called TAXI KING
What if you could share a taxi route and save money and time?
TAXI KING is the first project on cryptocurrency in everyday life of MIR COIN
By sharing one separate taxi for multiple people,
you can reduce the cost to your destination.
MIR PAY can be exchanged for MIR COIN
as well as taxi fare, making it easy for anyone
to use cryptocurrency in real life.
Save time waiting for a taxi.

TAXI KING is an app service that looks for people with the same destination and shares the taxi path.
TAXI KING user receives MIR PAY as a point, which is a fixed price cryptographic currency with no fluctuations in market prices and can also be exchanged with MIR COIN.
TAXI KING makes it easy to use cryptocurrency in real life.

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"Mircoin offers a PC wallet with a Web / Mobile wallet.
Users can install QT wallet directly for their PC."

If you want to install the PC wallet, check the installable OS and installation manual.

PC minimum specification

  • System: 64 bit operating system
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB or more
  • Disk capacity: 40GB or more HDD


  • Strategic Planning Department
  • STEP
  • CEO, Project Enterprise Partner
  • 신일식 대표

    Daniel Shin CEO
    (Chief of Executive Officer)

    Electrical Engineering Major
    LG Powercom Network Division
    SK Telecom Corporate Platform Division
    Currently) CEO, Mir Coin Co., Ltd.

  • 장승호 팀장

    Jason Jang CTO
    (chief technical officer)

    Electrical Engineering Major
    Kumho Tire Solus development project design
    Designed Japanese Mamma generator
    control switch board design
    Honam line double line signal design
    Currently) CEO.
    Director of Seoul Metropolitan Disabled Rehabilitation Association

  • 임요송 팀장

    Andy Song CMO
    (Chief Marketing Officer)

    Younsei Univercity Master of Science,
    Engineering Management.
    Linker Coin Ex-Cofounder

  • 나영숙 Advisor

    Hyuk Ryu
    (Investment Specialist)

    Keio Graduate School, Japan
    Served as the Korean Deputy Chief of the Nomura
    Research Institute in Japan
    Researcher, Japan Industrial Research Institute
    Targeted companies in Korea, Japan and China
    Japan, China, Korea Virtual currency related strategy
    business work
    Corporate strategy design and cross-border investment
    Currently) CEO, Fidesen Associates co., Ltd.

  • 조재영 부장

    Jongchul Hong
    (Technical Advisor)

    Professor of Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University
    Shinhan Futures Lab Mentor
    Master of Engineering, Hanyang University
    National Institute of Environmental Research
    Director of Biz Model Line Co., Ltd.
    Korean IT company patent consulting
    Over 2,500 patent inventors in Korea
    Currently) Shinhan Financial Group
    Currently) Lotte Accelerator Mentor
    Currently) Managing Director, Infopbank Co., Ltd.

  • 박수지 사원

    Brian Jang
    (Technical Advisor)

    Stanford University computer science undergraduate
    Stanford SSD Research Associate
    Ericsson Product Manager Intern
    Spark Project(Acquisition of SAP 2015) Co-Founder
    Currently) CEO, Anyfi Co.,Ltd.

  • 박소연 사원

    Wooil Song
    (Technical Advisor)

    - 3.4 million members
    - Awarded the grand prize of 2016
    Currently) CEO, Traffic information application “DUDUDU”

  • 박갑주 Advisor

    Gapjoo Park, Ph.D.
    (Strategic Planning)

    Ph.D. in Business Administration
    Professor at the Konkuk University
    Director at Future Creation Research Institute
    Director at Jeong Unchan Creative Innovation AMP
    Mae Gyeong Real Estate Asset Management CEO Director
    An executive at a major company for 25 years,
    Education and producing 10000 presidents of medium and small enterprises Chairman of the Board of Examination Committee for the press such as the Korea Joongang Daily, the Dong-A Ilbo, the Hankook-Ilbo, the Maeil Business News Korea, the Fortune Korea, etc

  • 임지영 Advisor

    Byungju Oh
    (Legal Advisor)

    University of California, Berkeley Faculty and Graduate School Law and Graduation
    The representative lawyer of the current OK legal office
    A career as deputy prime minister
    A teaching career at Konkuk University Graduate School of Law
    Experience as a senior prosecutor for the Seoul Central District Prosecutors ' Office
    Experience as a human rights manager at the Ministry of Justice
    Experience as a senior prosecutor for the special investigation division of the National
    Prosecutors ' Office in Daejeon
    South Korea's representative at the United Nations Crime Prevention Conference
    United Nations Trade Relations Act Committee Korea Representative

  • 임지영 Advisor

    Jiyoung Lim
    (Legal Advisor)

    Graduated Doctor Degree in Seoul Department of Law
    Graduated Master Degree in Seoul Department of Law
    Graduated Bachelor Degree in Seoul Department of Law
    Attorney at the Central
    Administrative Advisory Board of the National People's Interest Committee
    Lawyer of Korea Communications Commission
    Representative of Korean Lawyer Association
    Lawyer of Legal Aid
    Advisory Counsel of 6 Police Stations in Seoul

  • 박정수 Advisor

    Cheeyong Kim
    (Technical Advisor)

    He received the Ph.D. degree from Inje University,
    Republic of Korea.
    He is visiting professor at Oxford University,
    and visiting professor at Seoul National University.
    Currently) he is a professor of Department of Game Animation Engineering at Dong-Eui University.
    Currently) Committee of Technical Deliberation Special.)
    Currently) Committee of Game Items Grade.

  • 한병렬 Advisor

    Bong. Yul. Han
    (Marketing Manager)

    Defective Life Guarantee Insurance Management - Hans Akademi,
    a corporation Marketing of health food cosmetics a financial distribution marketing specialist Former CEO of a marketing and consulting firm, a company specializing in corporation current employees of EMC Korea, Inc.

  • 임요송

    Yosong Lim CAO
    (Chief Administrative Officer)

    Director of Korea Block Chain Industry Association
    Director of Seoul Metropolitan Disabled Rehabilitation Association
    Head of Strategic Planning Division
    Public relations strategy specialist
    Corporate Shopping Mall Planning &
    Super Administrator

  • 소대완

    Deawon Suh
    (Leader of Strategic Planning Team)

    Crypto-currency Exchange, Coinbit Business department leader.
    Ace FX,Japan regional Manager

  • 나영숙

    Youngsuk Na CVO
    (Chief Vision Officer)

    Served as Chairperson of Nature Environment
    Volunteer Organization Current virtual reality experience
    hall AR / VR representative

  • 박소연

    Soyeon Park
    (Marketing Team Leader)

    Graduate from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Chosun University
    Overall shopping mall Business administration
    and contract management
    Customer Center business support and

  • 박정은

    Jeongeun Park
    (Marketing team)

    Bachelor of Science in Information Society and Culture Contents at Hanyang University.
    Online Marketing Campaign,
    Creating content and Media operations,
    Customer Center business support and
    Participation in numerous Marketing Projects

  • 홍검표

    Geumpyo Hong
    (Honorary ambassador)

    korea Broadcaster
    Master of ceremonies
    Currently MBC Chungbuk live broadcast Morning N 'Soso tip' appearance
    Currently MBC Hope Song of Chungbuk Noon Radio
    'HongKePoPook's cooking show'
    Currently sbs live today reporter.
    Daegu Happy Future Foundation Lecturer
    Government / company official events Announcer,
    Professional MC 2,000 or more (2008 ~ present)

  • 임지영 Advisor

    Jonghak Baek

    2011-2012 Predis (idol agency) Sketching the site and shooting a new profile
    2012 Hello Venus Digital Single Album Shooting Like a Wave
    2013 kbs new drama scene on the job still and ost album photo shoot
    2014 Drama Doctor Gentile, My Secret Hotel, etc shooting
    2015 Star Empire (idol agency) Sketch of the scene and photo shoot of newcomer profile
    2016 bulletproof boys kbs planning poster photo shoot
    2016-2018 Girls Group Berial and Woman Girl Smile Solo Flash Record Jacket Photo Shoot

  • Project Team
  • Development Team
  • Operations Team
  • 신우섭

    Wooseop Shin
    (Project Manager)

    Traffic information application "DUDUDU"
    marketing planning
    Vehicle information sharing system
    Marketing planning

  • 진장송

    Seongjin Jang
    (Project Manager)

    Sales management of traffic information
    application "DUDUDU"
    Director of charge control system for
    electric car sales management

  • 탁수경

    Kyungtak Seo
    (Project Manager)

    Participation in the TOUS les JOURS project
    Participate in Inishop project
    Joined the Bank of Korea Project
    Hanyang Cyber University project participation
    Participate in Hong Kong International School Project


    Minjae Kim
    (Chief Technical Officer)

    Building cyber police agency portal and homepage
    of domestic government agency
    Currently) CEO, Suga Soft Co., Ltd.
    Currently) CEO, HANA E&C Co., Ltd.
    Currently) COO Blockchain MIR Co.,Ltd.

  • 송진영

    Jinyoung Song
    (Software Engineer)

    Developed traffic information application "DUDUDU"
    Construction of charging authorization system
    for electric cars

  • 김정현

    Junhyun Kim
    (Software Engineer)

    Mystyle Trend Fair College Student StartUp
    Competition Winner
    Design and construction of database system
    for recruitment

  • 이연희 developer

    Yeonhee Lee
    (Web Publisher)

    Web Mobile UI/UX Design
    Brand Identity Design
    Major in Visual Design
    Currently working as a web pessimist at Block Chain Mir Co., Ltd.

  • 박남규 developer

    Namgyu Park
    (Web Designer)

    Graduate from Ansan University Multimedia Design.
    Store managementmanagement and sns promotion event design,
    Web UI / UX Design, etc. in current block chain Mir
    Is involved in various projects.

  • 권민지

    Minji Kwon
    (Web Designer)

    App Main UI Charge
    Character development
    Development of responsive webapp design
    Currently the "DUDUDU" application main designer

  • 박정철

    Jungchul Park
    (Video production editor)

    Production of block-chain Mir PR image
    Mir coin image production editing
    Newbico promotional video production

  • 서범식 developer

    Beomsik Seo
    (Software Engineer)

    Development delivery of ethnic website
    Development and maintenance of public agency websites
    Currently working as a software engineer
    at Block Chain Mir Co., Ltd.

  • 최용석 developer

    Yonsok Choi
    (Software Engineer)

    Development and management of public office personnel program
    ERP program maintenance of organ transplant center
    Certified Certificate Program Development Management
    Currently working as a software engineer at Block Chain Mir Co., Ltd.

  • 윤줄리아 Advisor

    Julia Yun
    (Web Designer)

    Web Mobile UI/UX Design
    Brand Identity Design
    Major in Visual Design
    Ten years of experience
    Currently working as a web pessimist at Block Chain Mir Co., Ltd.

  • 최재영

    Jaeyoung Cho
    (Finance Manager)

    Served as a lawyer's office secretary
    General Shopping Mall Corporate Planning
    Department Manager of Business Administration

  • 김은주

    Eunju Kim
    (Operations Manage r)

    Overall shopping mall Business administration
    and contract management
    Customer Center business support and

  • 김민지

    Minji Kim
    (Operations Manager)

    Overall shopping mall Business administration
    and contract management
    Customer Center business support and

  • 박희선

    Heesun Park
    (Operations Manager)

    Block chaining related technology part Chinese charge
    Web page Chinese translation and support

  • 경민구

    Mingu Kyung
    (Project Partner)

    Mobile communication smartphone chain management
    Advisory Board of the Korea Underwater
    Environment Association
    Currently) CEO, Tire Head Co.,Ltd.

  • 송우일

    Wooil Song
    (Project Partner)

    Traffic information application “DUDUDU” CEO
    - 3.4 million members
    - Awarded the grand prize of 2016
    Eco-friendly next-generation
    electric car charging
    station settlement system
    Promoting to Jeju island

  • 박정권

    Jonggwan Park
    (Project Partner)

    Car and Vehicle Service
    Samsung Electronics Mobile Phone
    Device Design
    HY-SONIC Development Team
    Application-based automotive maintenance
    O2O service operation
    Currently) CEO, Mindiz Co., Ltd.

  • 오상훈 Advisor

    Sanghoon Oh
    (Project Partner)

    Currently) CEO, IndendKorea.,Ltd.
    Integrated Logistics Distribution Service
    Pioneered 23 markets in 9 countries
    Export MOU with Tehran Chamber of Commerce in Iran
    Selected 20 government business projects
    Won 5 Grand Prize in Entrepreneurship contest

  • 장은호 Advisor

    Eunho Jang
    (Project Partner)

    Currently) CEO, JeJu-ElectronicCarService.,Ltd.
    Design Engineer of New Product Inkel.,Ltd.
    Research Director of Electronic Control System

Road Map



Marketing survey and check platform system
Form business model and team



Plan study of blockchain and platform
Final check for platform system
Blockchain algorithm verification work


Start developing platform and blockchain crypto-currency


Plan study of blockchain and platform
Final check for platform system
Plan MIR COIN ICO marketing campaign



January, February
Recruit participants for platform
MIR COIN system in platform verification work
Proceed MIR COIN e-wallet development

Design main platform
Pre-test grafting a system of participating enterprise in platform



Complete blockchain crypto-currency MIR COIN development
Complete MIR COIN e-wallet development
Proceed MIR COIN ICO for 7 weeks
Proceed MIR COIN ICO for 7 weeks



Pre-registration of participating enterprises and completion of final platform development
List MIR COIN in domestic and international exchange market
Enlarge MIR PLATFORM participating businesses and system update



Plan enlargement of MIR PLATFORM
international network


  • Partners
  • Media
  • Exchange


DUDUDU Inc. is the supplier of databases and online informations such as online information communication support/data processing

DUDUDU is the representative application of DUDUDU Inc. and the number 1 domestic traffic information app social network service. The app is user-centered social network service with which the users can share the information of traffic jams, accidents, constructions or crackdowns to prevent unexpected accidents and to reduce traffic congestion.

TAXI KING of Iceamericano Inc.

TAXI KING of Iceamericano Inc. is the matching app service with which the user can create the taxi path to find the guest who wants to share the path.

Now it is under the beta test and will go through the algorithm sophistication. After this process has gone through, we are going to apply for the R&D patent and will launch the app in the second half of this year. We will target for the global version of the app.


MindEase Inc. is the company set for the new culture of car maintenance.

The company has developed the ‘CARANG’ which is visiting car maintenance service to convey the convenience and the credibility.


CARANG is the credible visiting car maintenance service provider.

The CARANG services the replacement of the consumables such as engine oil, air conditioner filter, and other car maintenances. It shares the images of the work processes through the app for the ensuring of credible/honest services.


JEJU ELECTRIC VEHICLE SERVICE Co. Ltd is the leading company of new paradigm shift that applies the electric car infrastructure, the new renewable energy operation technology, and the ICT technology based on software into the existing electric and energy industry.


BAKCHA COMPANY Inc. is the P2P transaction provider for used cars.


TIREHEAD Inc. is the distribution company covering all imported and domestic tire brands.


HASOL Inc. is the daily supplies and leisure supplies company that constructs the system of the selected products for the consumer needs.


IN THE END KOREA Inc. is the startup venture company which focuses on the operation of the online commerce based on the domestic distribution service.


JLEAD Inc. is the amusement park and kids & theme park operating company which provides the services, such as theme park/recreation education, sports facility operation, and wholesale & retail grocery store management.


The operation of the nationwide local business information app.


The master craftsman company for the funeral products and traditional high-quality shrouds.

Korea Blockchain Industry Association

The association is established to contribute to the national life improvement and the sound national economic progress through the promotion of blockchain industry by the sound progress of blockchain industry and the encouragement of blockchain technology use.


Branding Company Pop is the branding and marketing company of Brand LCM(whole process management of brand) that plans and manages the whole process of a brand.


Hun & Hyun is an advertising company that provides various services and marketing related to blockchain ICO business. There are web teams and marketing teams within the company, so you can do your best to deliver the best customer value to your customers.



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암호화페 미르코인(MIR COIN)이 유럽 암호화폐 거래소 라토큰(LATOKEN)에서 오늘(21일)부터 거래가 가능하다...

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미르코인(MIR COIN)은 9월 5일부터 7일까지 호주 시드니에서 열리는 CRYPTO INVESTMENT AND ICO SUMMIT...

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암호화폐 거래소 코인이즈, 미르코인·에스알코인 신규상장

미르코인(MIRCoin)과 블록체인 기술과 연계한 렌탈 결합형 에스알코인(SRCoin)에 대한 거래를 시작한다...

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국내 유일 생활 밀착형 가상화폐 플랫폼 개발

‘미르코인’이라는 블록체인기술을 기반으로 탈중앙화된 암호화폐를 실생활 재화로 정착시킬 계획을 가진...

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블록체인 기반 실생활 화폐로 혁신 주도, 블록체인 미르 장승호 의장

블록체인 미르가 제공하는 블록체인 기반의 페이먼트 시스템인 미르랜드 플랫폼을 도입하고, 미르 페이와...

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